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Henry Ford was famous for telling customers interested in purchasing his newly introduced Model T,  “You can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black."

Unfortunately, that’s a lot like the limited selections available from most leather suppliers today.

Let's say that your project calls for green leather hides.  For some suppliers that may mean Hunter Green or Kelly Green.  But what if your specific application requires Forest Green or Emerald Green, Mint Chocolate Chip Green or Pistachio Ice Cream Green, or Pantone®  PMS 347 or 375 Green?

Custom Leather Finishers can expertly match virtually ANY color you require from just about any sample type you might have.  Send us an existing leather swatch, paint card chip, vinyl sample, carpet cut-out, wall covering sample, fabric swatch, picture or metal cut-out, and we’ll match your exact color requirement.

Furthermore, we’ll ensure that your color looks good in the lighting environment of your intended project, whether it’s natural sunlight, incandescent light or florescent light.

Don't believe it?  Put us to the test.  Send us your color sample requirement today, and let us create a sample leather swatch for you to evaluate..


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